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The story behind the first 2-sided backpack

In our quest to design and create the ideal backpack that would make you look stylish in the city and sleek in the office we both agreed on one thing: almost no other material matches the outstanding durability and classic look of genuine leather. No cutting corners, every part of the exterior had to be made of leather, including the often forgotten straps.

After weeks of sketching and selecting the most appropriate types of leather, we had our first prototype. Looking at the back of the bag, we knew there had to be a way to make the most of it rather than hiding it away. We went back to the drawing board to rethink the classic backpack. That’s how the 2xBackPack came to be the first 2 sided leather backpack.  

How to switch between the two faces

While the idea of having two different designs in one single bag was very popular among our friends we knew that switching between the two sides had to be as simple as possible. Countless attempts later we found a way to reduce consumption and increase ease of use by using the same straps for both Backpack faces.

2xBackPack - Nubuckchivote