The 2 Face Backpack


1 Bag 2 Faces. In our quest to design and create the ideal backpack that would make you look stylish in the city and sleek in the office we both agreed on one thing: almost no other material matches the outstanding durability and classic look of genuine leather. No cutting corners, every part of the exterior had to be made of leather, including the often forgotten straps.
While one backpack may look good for walking around the city or heading to the gym, the same backpack will often look out of place for going to work, so we decided it was time to change this.
The two faces of the backpacks combine the best design of both worlds.
The Interior
The 2Face Backpack interior was created with our daily activities in mind. We all know how important it is to carry every gadget in its own compartment so we created padded pockets to protect them from shocks but also from rubbing against other objects. To ensure even greater protection and give the bag a softer feel, we added all round padding; on the bottom, sides and two fronts. The interior laptop compartment is ideal for the 15” Macbook.

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Additional Information
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  • Dimensions 28 x 10 x 46 cm