10 Essential Tips to Prevent Two Wheeler Theft

Alan May02, 2024

10 Essential Tips to Prevent Two Wheeler Theft(图1)

In India, automobile theft is the most common and is one of the fastest-growing types of crime. As per statistics released by Delhi Police, in 2018, every hour over 5 vehicles were reported stolen in the national capital, and among all the stolen vehicles, 75 per cent were two-wheelers.

Two-wheelers, in general, are highly prone to theft as they are easy to steal and also the chances of recovery by investigation agencies are very less. Although it is easy to claim the insurance money against the bike insurance policy, such a sudden loss of a two-wheeler due to theft can be both financially and mentally taxing for anybody.

Therefore, being an easy target of thieves, you shouldn’t leave the safety of your bike to chance and take the necessary steps to protect your two-wheelers from theft.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 theft prevention tips that would work for your two-wheeler.

1. Installing Disc-Brake Lock or Fork Lock:

An inexpensive and effective anti-theft tool-kit, disc-brake lock or fork lock keeps your motorbike secure and also prevents your bike from moving at all. You can also call it the first line of defence from theft.

Also available with an anti-theft alarm system, disc brake locks are a successful deterrent to bike thieves.

2. Install Anti-theft Alarm System

The anti-theft alarm system is one of the most basic systems and also deters thieves from even touching your motorbike. It works with the sensors installed around your motorbike, and if someone tries to break the lock or even try to move it by force, it triggers the alarm, thereby alerting nearby people and the owner.

3. Always Park Your Two-Wheelers at an Authorised Parking Lot

It’s a common practice in India to save a few bucks on parking charges by parking our two-wheelers in unauthorised parking spaces or where parking is not allowed. And, the majority of the thefts occur in these spaces.

Therefore, make a point to park your vehicle at authorised parking space where your vehicles are kept and guarded properly.

4. Park Your Vehicle in Front of CCTV Camera

It is the most clever trick to deter thieves from stealing your motorbike. In the absence of a proper parking space or any other place, where you are uncertain about the safety of your bike, parking it in front of security cameras installed by commercial establishments will help you a lot.

Thieves avoid activities in those places which are constantly monitored and recorded by security cameras.

5. Install Original Lock

Many times, due to natural wear and tear, the effectiveness of the lock gets reduced significantly and requires a change of the lockset. In such a case, without having a second thought, proceed to the brand’s authorised service station and install a new original lock assembly.

6. Install a GPS-based Tracking System

By installing a permanent, hidden GPS tracker on your two-wheeler, police can track your bike within a short period of time in case it gets stolen. A GPS tracker also increases the chances of recovery.

Also, many two-wheeler insurance companies offer a discount on premium for having it installed as it greatly reduces the risk of theft.

7. Ensure Timely Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal

Renewing your two wheeler insurance within the due date ensures continued protection from all such risks and greatly reduces the financial impact of the loss of two-wheeler.

Also, you can claim discounts and other benefits like No Claim Bonus (NCB) on premium amounts. Always ensure you buy bike insurance from a trusted insurer which has a large service network and high claim settlement ratio.

8. Resist the Temptation to Showcase Your Bike

We all have the temptation to showcase our new acquisition and particularly motorbikes on the roads and driveways to impress others. And, often in the process, it gets noticed by thieves, thereby increasing the chances of theft.

Always keep your motorbike within sight and garaged properly when not in use and avoid leaving it unattended for a long time.

Thieves tend to steal those vehicles which have a higher visual appeal and will fetch good value in the market.

9. Chain Your Bikes Properly

When travelling alone to unknown places, chain your bike to an immovable object like a pole when parking. Likewise, if you are travelling with a group, lock multiple motorbikes together.

Also, securing your bikes with ground anchors is the best way to secure and also the last thing a thief wants to see while stealing.

10. Be Vigilant

Be vigilant with your movable and immovable property and never let your guard down. Monitor suspicious activity around your property and take countermeasures and raise the level of security from time to time which acts as a successful deterrent.

Summing Up!

With the rising case of theft incidents around us, you should proactively take preventive steps to reduce the risks of theft and ensure peace of mind for yourself. It is also important because, during the claim settlement process, if it is found that the theft was due to your negligence, the insurer may reject your claim. Therefore, the above-discussed tips will help you to work around the safety of your two-wheeler.

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