How To Warm Up Before Starting Yoga Class?

Alan May01, 2024

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If you have ever attended yoga classes, you know that you have got to warm up before the actual thing. Some of you may be comfortable with subtle stretches, whereas many others do neck rotations, arm rotations, and ankle rotations. The Best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, also starts with these. All yoga classes start with warm up exercises. So, you should learn them by heart, for your personal practice as well. 

You must also note, that you can tweak the poses a bit, to suit your state of mind and body fitness. Here are a few warm ups, which any yoga practitioner must know. 

Exercises In The Best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Pelvic Tilts 

You can do pelvic tilts as a part of the warm ups, before any yoga session. They are extremely beneficial for all those practitioners, who have tight pelvic and groin muscles. You can start, by lying down on the floor, with the knees bent. This looks like a subtle movement, but is extremely beneficial for you, before the yoga asanas. It can also ease off the stiffness from your spine. The instructors at Bali Yoga Retreats, make sure that you learn everything in great detail. There will be someone in the class, who will demonstrate the exercises for you, as well. 

Leg Stretches 

You can start this, while lying on the floor, on your back. Firstly, raise the legs straight, from the floor, keeping them at a right angle. You can choose to do both together, or one by one. If you have stiff legs and aren’t comfortable keeping them straight, a slight bent is welcome. Some of you, may also use a yoga strap to keep the feet afloat. This exercise can help in stretching the hamstrings, glutes, and the calves, as well. 


As the name suggests, it is another easy pose, which you must engage in, before the actual yoga session. This is a simplified version of the Padmasana, wherein you do not have to stretch or exert much force on your legs. Just keeping the legs cross-legged suffice. You can also sit on one or two folded blankets, to make it more comfortable for you. You can do neck rotations, while sitting in this position. You can also do Siddhasana, and then engage in neck rotations, if you are a more seasoned yoga practitioner. 

Cat-Cow Stretch 

This is more popular as the Bitilasana Marjaryasana, and is one of the most beneficial full-body stretches that you can engage in. You have to be on all your fours, to do this. This is a combination of two poses, which brings great flexibility to the spine. The breath and movement assumes a lot of importance in this stretching practice. Many yoga practitioners, also call it a restorative pose. You will find great freedom of movement, once you have been through this. 

These are just a few of the warm up exercises, which you will learn in the Best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

The Importance Of Warm Ups Before Yoga Practice 

As a part of the Best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, you will follow the syllabus laid down by Yoga Alliance. So, you can expect a standard curriculum. The importance of warm ups before yoga practice, has to be realized for better deliverables. Normally, the warm up sessions continue for 10 minutes or so. However, it can also depend on the time of the day, or the season. Moreover, age is another consideration. Many teachers elsewhere will tell you, that yoga leads to fewer injuries. 

However, you should never take chances. The teachers at Bali Yoga Retreats treat this matter, with importance. Safety is a top priority, when you are learning and practicing yoga in a Yoga Alliance registered school. Some of the reasons, why it assumes so much importance is listed below. 

  • It increases blood flow to the stretched muscles, thus making them suppler. Nutrients can reach every muscles through the blood circulation. 
  • Your heart also gets a steady supply of oxygen. Your heart muscles are also relaxed and can endure a lot of activity. This is important before any kind of yoga practice. 
  • You will start generating sweat. This is a natural process, which keeps the entire body active at the cellular level. It also acts as a natural cooler. 
  • Your nerve impulses are also enhanced, when you practice warm ups, before yoga practice. Your teachers will guide you through the warm up process. Once, they are satisfied that you have achieved a proper state, will they start the actual yoga session. 
  • It also leads to mental well-being. So, you are mentally prepared for the things ahead. 

Final Words 

You must ensure to pursue the Best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, from one of the best yoga schools in the globe. It will certainly teach you all the nuances of yoga practice. Additionally, it will help you to curate a career of your own, wherein you will be helping other individuals. Joining the course will simply change the way, you look at yoga, too. 

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