Which Device Involves The Use Of Plasma In Technology

Alan Jan24, 2024

Plasma, as an ionized gas, has wide applications in many cutting-edge technologies. This article explores some key devices that operate on the principles of plasma.

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Plasma TVs

  • Inert gases are injected between two glass substrates and ionized into plasma through electric fields.

  • Plasma excites phosphors to emit different colors of light, forming images.

  • Compared to LCDs, plasma TVs have wider viewing angles and higher contrast.

Plasma Cutters

  • High-frequency currents are introduced into argon plasma to convert electricity into heat that can cut metal.

  • High-temperature plasma melts and cuts steel, titanium alloys, and more.

  • Used extensively in industrial cutting, welding, and processing.

Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • Gaseous precursors are introduced in a reactor to form ionized plasma that excites and decomposes the molecules.

  • The deposited thin films have more uniform and dense structures.

  • Used to produce solar cells, composites, and advanced electronic devices.


Plasma technology has wide applications, from daily plasma TVs to advanced plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. With technological advances, applied devices leveraging plasma will continue to emerge.

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