What Jobs Can You Get With A Finance Degree

Alan Jan18, 2024

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You’ve graduated with your shiny new finance degree. As you look towards your future career, visions of spreadsheets and banking may come to mind. But did you know a finance background can open doors to diverse, high-paying jobs across industries?

While accountants and financial analysts make up common finance roles, your expertise is versatile. As technology and globalization transform business, new opportunities are emerging. Whether you’re analytical, entrepreneurial, or a people person, there’s a finance career for you. Let’s explore some exciting options beyond traditional accounting and banking.

Financial Technology

Known as “FinTech,” financial technology companies are disrupting everything from payment processing to blockchain and cryptocurrency. This innovative sector needs experts who blend finance skills with tech savvy. Roles include:

  • Blockchain developers - Design blockchain ledgers for uses like cryptocurrency or supply chain tracking.

  • Quantitative analysts - Use mathematical and statistical models to inform trading strategies and business decisions.

  • Product managers - Oversee FinTech product development and marketing strategies.

Investment Management

Investment managers research, analyze, and manage securities like stocks and bonds on behalf of clients. Responsibilities can include:

  • Financial research - Forecast market trends and research investment options.

  • Portfolio management - Select and balance investments to meet client financial goals.

  • Risk management - Evaluate and mitigate risk across portfolios.

  • Client services - Guide clients and explain investment strategies.


Management consulting firms help businesses improve processes, maximize profits, and navigate change. Consultants tackle complex challenges through data analysis, strategy, and project leadership. Common roles include:

  • Business analysts - Assess operations, identify inefficiencies, and recommend solutions.

  • Strategy consultants - Advise on high-level decision making, organization, and market positioning.

  • Financial consultants - Provide guidance on accounting, tax, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

Corporate Finance

Every company needs financial expertise. Roles like controllers, treasurers, financial analysts, and chief financial officers play a vital part in corporate management. Responsibilities can include budgeting, reporting, audit compliance, capital management, and financial planning.

With your finance skills, the possibilities are wide open. Find an area that excites you, and get ready to launch a dynamic career!

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