What Can I Do With A Finance Degree

Alan Jan18, 2024

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You've graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance - congratulations! Now it's time to reap the rewards of your studious efforts. A finance degree opens doors to well-paying, prestigious careers across a variety of industries. Whether you leaning towards number-crunching, advising clients, or leading teams, there are endless possibilities. Let's explore some of the hottest careers you can pursue with a finance degree.

Financial Analyst

As a financial analyst, you'll evaluate economic trends, securities, industries, and companies. You'll forecast scenarios, make recommendations, and develop financial models to guide strategic moves. Strong analytical skills, business acumen, and communication abilities are key. Financial analysts work in various settings like corporate finance, investment banking, and insurance. The median salary is over $81,000.


From small businesses to massive corporations, every organization needs accounting expertise. As an accountant, you'll prepare financial reports, maintain records, ensure legal compliance, analyze costs, and examine internal controls. Detail-oriented number skills are vital. You can seek roles like public accountant, auditor, tax accountant, and management accountant. The median accountant salary exceeds $70,000.

Financial Manager

Financial managers develop plans and direct investments to maximize profits. You'll oversee cash flow, track budgets, execute audits, manage risk, and identify growth opportunities. Leadership, decision making, and relationship building are essential. Financial managers enjoy a median salary higher than $127,000 and opportunities across industries.

Investment Analyst

As an investment analyst, you'll advise clients on making profitable investments by researching and forecasting trends. You'll track equities, bonds, funds, and other investment vehicles, making buy and sell recommendations. Strong research, valuation, and analytical abilities are required. Major hiring industries include investment banking, asset management, and securities brokerages. The average salary exceeds $100,000.

Insurance Underwriter

Insurance underwriters evaluate risk profiles and determine policy terms and premiums. You'll assess claims, screen applicants, and decide coverage amounts. Detail-orientation, math skills, and industry expertise are vital. Underwriters earn over $70,000 on average and enjoy abundant job prospects in insurance firms.

The options are endless with a degree in finance! Match your passion to a high-growth career path, and get ready to reap the rewards.

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