Instant loan for New Year and Christmas holidays

Alan May02, 2024

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New Year’s holidays are always positive emotions, pleasant meetings and cozy family evenings. It is also the cost of gifts, food, jewelry. Are you planning a large-scale holiday? Then you will have to spend money on organizing the event: a restaurant, treats and decorations. Where to get money if finances are not enough due to salary delays or unforeseen expenses on the eve of the holidays? Financial support will be provided by microcredits fromloan app.

What money might be needed for the New Year?

New Year’s holidays are not a time to save money. This is the time of magic, which lingers in the memory for a long time with pleasant memories. A cozy family evening, fun entertainment in the company of friends and relatives – regardless of the format chosen, you need to set a certain budget for the celebration.

Examples of goals in which microcredits for the New Year will help:

  • buying gifts for family, colleagues, friends;
  • payment for organizing an event;
  • trip to the resort;
  • rent of a cafe, restaurant;
  • purchase of household appliances and electronics;
  • going to beauty salons;
  • purchase of holiday decorations.

Holidays are not only for you, but for everyone, so it is not surprising that salary delays, project freezes and other manifestations of inconsistencies between expectations and reality may occur. We all understand this, so we will be happy to help you quickly and simply take a instant loan for the New Year and Christmas in our RapidRupee service.

To get a closer look at RapidRupee’s Instant Loan procedure, you need to download the app, Upload Aadhaar, PAN and Selfie.

When is it better to take a New Year instant loan

There is no perfect time to get a microloan. The main thing is to prepare for the upcoming winter holidays in advance. So you can take advantage of a host of related benefits.

Why is it better to take a New Year’s instant microloan in advance:

  • the likelihood of having time to buy the desired gift increases – on New Year’s holidays, good things from stores instantly fly away;
  • having received a sufficient amount to the account, you can purchase a product or service at a suitable time at a favorable cost;
  • there is an opportunity to calmly pick up gifts, and not then run around the shops in the last days of the year.

The earlier you take a instant loan, the more chances you have to recreate the festive atmosphere that was originally planned.

What is the optimal loan amount for the New Year

An important point when preparing a New Year’s celebration is competent budget planning. To plan it, think roughly about what to buy. For a family or friendly feast at the home table, one amount will be required, for a banquet for a team – completely different.

Budget your holiday:

  • products: salads, main courses, snacks, desserts;
  • booking a table for a specific number of people;
  • presenters, animators (where is it without Santa Claus and Snow Maiden);
  • mobile communications – call, invite, congratulate;
  • buying gifts;
  • transport rental;
  • materials for beautiful gift wrapping, payment for the services of a packer;
  • additional costs for organizing the event.

You need to select a budget for the celebration individually. Based on this, it will be possible to understand exactly what size instant microloans to issue for the New Year.

How to get a loan for the New Year

If you didn’t have time to prepare for the winter celebrations in advance, act now. It will take 10-15 minutes to apply in our RapidRupee app online. Another 5 minutes will be required to automatically check the request and credit funds to the account.

Documents for registration

One of the main advantages of our microfinance organization is the minimum requirements for the borrower to obtain a microloan. To apply for a instant loan, the client only needs to document his identity – Upload Aadhaar, PAN and Selfie.

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